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Can you give us quotes over the phone or internet?

The quotes we give over the phone and/or internet are estimates only. It is almost impossible to give an accurate quote over the phone without knowing the age of the building, what kind of construction you have, how your wires run through your building, etc. Our years of experience will allow us to give you a general idea and time and material information.


Do you charge a travel fee?

As a general rule, no. If a travel fee is assessed, you will be notified ahead of time so you can make the decision regarding whether or not you want us to continue with the project.


Are your electricians licensed?

Tom Deere, owner, is a Master Electrician and has held that license since 1989. Our Current Employee Information page will give you more detailed information about our current staff. Our licensed electricians obtain their licenses through hours worked on the job in combination with classes offered through Associated Builders and Contractors (unless they obtained their license prior to working for Deere Electric Inc.).


Do you offer emergency service?

Yes we do. If the emergency situation can be handled during regular business hours, regular rates will apply. If it is something that cannot wait, emergency rates will apply. Sometimes, weather and other job priorities keep our current employees busier than the demand allows.  


In this case, we will give your our best estimated time and keep you informed as much as possible when our next electrician will be free to handle your situation. Our normal business hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm. The phone number for our current emergency electrician will be listed on our answering machine if you are calling after hours.


What is your hourly rate or do you provide quotes?

We work with quotes, time and material projects, and sometimes combine both methods for billing. Some projects, especially when working with older historic homes or buildings, make it almost impossible to predict what we might get in to. We will do our best to estimate your costs, but will most likely charge you for the actual time worked and material used. Your billing method will be discussed with you ahead of time.


What do you specialize in?

Deere Electric Inc. specializes in commercial, multi-tenant, and industrial work helping clients we have had for many years. We are equipped, however, to also handle residential electrical needs.


Frequently Asked Questions


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